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Released January 2013 as a thank-you for our fans’ support and generosity in 2012. A digital-only release featuring rarities, B-sides, demos and more.

The whole album is streamable here, with tracks 5, 14, 15 and 18 available for download. Here's where to find the other tracks:

* Tracks 2, 9 and 16 are available for download (newly remastered) on the "Getting Better" EP:

* Track 3 is available for download on the "This Will Not End Well" remix album:

* Tracks 6 and 8 are available for download on the "Rigor Mortis" EP:

* Track 11 is available for download (newly remastered) on The Magic Words album:

* Track 12 is available for download on Funeral Dress II:


released January 2, 2013

A bit about these tracks...

The Terry Gross intro is from our Fresh Air review (by Ken Tucker) on NPR in 2009. We had just gotten back from tour the day before and somehow all slept through the live airing.

Cincinnati electro-pop trio Seedy Seeds asked Wussy to contribute a track to a companion release for their 2010 album Verb Noun. Chuck and Lisa went into Ultrasuede for a day and teamed up with John Curley (Afghan Whigs) for a lo-fi cover of “Nomenclature“. Lisa later made a video for it, which you can see on or youtube.

“Maglite” is brilliantly remixed here by Chicago/Cincinnati duo Coltrane Motion. This track appears on This Will Not End Well: Conceived by Jay Reynolds, TWNEW features ten remixes of Wussy songs by nine different artists. djdq, Coltrane Motion, John Curley and others contribute. When coupled with the high, lonesome vocal stylings of co-front-persons Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver, these new settings depart from the band’s usual Southern Noise-Gospel digs for territory somewhere between Stockhausen, Mothersbaugh, and Massive Attack. Released October 2010 by The All Night Party.

Tracks 4, 10, 13 and 17 all come from an early (probably the first) radio interview with Wussy on Cincinnati’s WAIF Community Radio. The DJ is none other than (future) Wussy Tour Manager, Venomous Valdez. Venomous had a local music program, where she would interview bands with 20 specific questions ranging from professional to personal. The answers featured here are Mark’s and Chuck’s. You’ll see why.

Tracks 5 and 18 are part of the original 3-song demo that Chuck originally shopped to Shake It back in 2003. They were recorded by Bill Alletzhauser (Ass Ponys/Hiders) on a laptop. “Bought It Again” stayed the same, track-wise, but was remixed and cleaned up a little for Funeral Dress. We like both versions but this original trashy mix is the band’s favorite. ”Soak It Up” was completely re-recorded. The third track (not included here) was “Yellow Cotton Dress” – and it changed little from the original mix to the album.

“Blood and Guts” is from the Rigor Mortis EP released in 2008. Recorded during the Left for Dead sessions at Ultrasuede with John Curley.

Tracks 7, 8, and 14 were recorded live at WOXY Studios (RIP) in 2006 and 2007. The DJ Intro is none other than Mike Taylor – who hosted one of the sessions. Matt Shiv hosted the other. We dearly miss WOXY both as musicians and music fans. As I’m sure many of you do, too. It was a life changer for many folks and we’d like to thank them for helping Cincinnati bands reach a national audience. This live version of “Rigor Mortis” appears on the Rigor Mortis EP (2008) and this version of “Sweetie” has never been on anything before. That song was an old live rave-up we used throw in at the end of a set for a while. Then we decided for the WOXY track to add an intro from a song we’d heard in a Japanese musical. A studio version of “Sweetie” appears on one of the Rigor Mortis EP’s. I can’t remember which. (There were two.) Brian Niesz recorded and mixed both of these live tracks. (Brian also mixed Funeral Dress.)

Track 9 is a doozie. During the Left for Dead sessions at Ultrasuede (with John Curley at the helm), we also did a cover of our favorite Afghan Whigs song, “Retarded“. It was initially for a comp released by Summers Kiss records of various bands doing Whigs covers. This track originally appears on Up In It (1990) – and our version came out unofficially on a home-made EP we put out in 2007.

“Jonah” and “All the Bugs Are Growing” are both demos Lisa did (under the moniker of The Magic Words) that eventually became Wussy songs. “Jonah” appeared on a limited self-release Junk Train. This version of “Bugs” is unreleased (until now).

This acoustic version of “Airborne” appears on Funeral Dress II. Something we almost didn’t do, but Darren at our label talked us into it! We recorded it in two days at Ultrasuede in 2010 (I think). We spent a couple hours in Joe’s basement the day before re-arranging some of the songs (although I suspect he probably put some work into it before that). But truly a lot of FDII was pretty off-the-cuff and improvised. Shake It made 500 hand-stamped copies for Record Store day 2011. They re-released it as a digital album in 2012. We (the band) don’t like to listen to it much, but our fans tell us it’s their favorite. So there ya go.

And finally…

“Runaway” by Jenny Mae – the song originally appeared on her album “There’s a Bar Around the Corner” released in 1995 on Anyway Records (Columbus, OH). We recorded this song during the Strawberry sessions in 2010, but it just never made its way onto anything.

* This record is sometimes also referred to as "Berneice Huff and son, Bill sings Popular Favorites" (sic)


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Wussy Cincinnati, Ohio

Wussy are an American five-piece fronted by songwriters Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker & backed by Mark Messerly, Joe Klug & John Erhardt. Bridging the gap between The Band & Sonic Youth, Wussy continue in the tradition of bands with multiple writers & singers. Cleaver & Walker offer radically different perspectives that blend in seamless fashion – usually blanketed inside layers of noise. ... more

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